About Dogeared Digital

Dogeared Digital serves brands and marketers of all shapes and sizes by helping them create a digital presence that excites, motivates, and converts. The name is a double entendre for the dog, who serves as Kiera’s daily muse, and the dogeared pages of a well-loved book. Our hope is that the content you find on this site will serve as a resource you would want to “dogear,” or bookmark to refer back to again and again for inspiration and support.

Kiera and Niles About Page
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About Kiera

In 2014, Kiera Wiatrak launched Dogeared Social to implement social media for small businesses. In 2020, she launched Dogeared Digital as a new and improved version, with a greater focus on strategic integration across all digital channels. Kiera has more than a decade of experience in digital marketing, working with some of the world’s most recognized brands including the U.S. Marine Corps, Orangetheory, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Shell, and Jiffy Lube, among others. She resides in Atlanta with her dog, Niles.

About Niles

Niles is a handsome border collie mix and the inspiration for both Dogeared Digital and Dogeared Social. His name is reminiscent of a curmudgeonly old British man. It suits him well. His favorite activities include begging for cheese, sleeping in, and sitting near Kiera (but keeping a polite distance) while she works. 

About Niles

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